Prominent Congressman's Home an Eyesore

Add this to the list of "made in Detroit": a longtime congressman who let his house become a neighborhood eyesore.

Ah, Detroit -- a city with such promise, at least if Super Bowl car ads and Eminem are to be believed. But there's always a kick in the tires, it seems, for the Motor City. This one comes from Democratic Rep. John Conyers (pictured below) who's been in Washington since 1966 and pretty much lives there full-time but maintains a residence in his home state (a "placeholder" in Beltway parlance) in order to keep his job. [Note: He is also an occasional blogger for The Huffington Post.]

No one in Conyers' Washington office responded to AOL Real Estate calls or messages, so we can't tell you the last time the congressman actually pulled the bedsheets up over his nose at his Detroit home. As you can see in the video below, the grass was sorely overgrown, the paint peeling and debris strewn around the yard until a TV crew arrived on the scene.

It looked a bit like one of the many foreclosed properties plaguing the city, except for its prominent owner and location on the fringes of the Detroit Golf Club. Speaking of which, the club has been trying to get a PGA tournament but ran into a stumbling block: Some of the adjacent properties -- like you-know-whose -- look like hell.

So once the Fox2 News TV camera focused attention on the mess, Conyers -- who earns $174,000 a year at the public trough -- coughed up the dough and made some repairs. But that didn't stop neighbors from contacting reporter Charlie LeDuff about a second Conyers property where, you guessed it, things were equally unkempt.

Detroit Neighbors: John Conyers House is an Eyesore:

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