Live Gamer will provide Civilization World analytics support (that's a lot of data)

CivWorld on Facebook
CivWorld on Facebook

Seriously, we don't even want to look at those data logs--our brains might fry. VentureBeat reports that Firaxis and 2K Games have enlisted New York-based Live Gamer to handle the Civilization World's analytics data and Facebook Credit payment support.

This news is convenient for 2K Games considering Facebook Credits are about to become the official currency for all things Facebook commerce including games. But even more interesting is what this news implies: CivWorld is going to be massive.

Seriously, the publisher went and hired a company dedicated entirely to monitoring its first Facebook game (and its payments)--and that's everything from clicks to time spent to behavior patterns.

And in a game as visibly deep and intricate as CivWorld, that's going to produce a metric ton of data. Don't get too freaked out about this potential Big Brother scenario, because developers use this information to improve the game as it grows.

Civilization World in action
Civilization World in action

And better yet, New York-based Live Gamer will handle CivWorld's Facebook Credits payment system entirely, leaving the Firaxis and 2K Games teams to focus solely on improving the game. Well, at least in theory. And all the cool kids are doing it--EA and THQ use Live Gamer to monitor their social games' analytics, according to VentureBeat. CivWorld is in the middle of its closed beta test, and is expected to launch ... sometime soon, we hope.

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Does this news scare you of how complex CivWorld might be, or are you ready to take on the challenge? How do you think CivWorld will do against, say, Empires & Allies? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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