FarmVille: Spade Ram brings Spade pattern to Sheep Breeding


Are the star and polka-dotted FarmVille just not doing it for you anymore? Want to create a virtual deck of cards with your Sheep? Well, you can get one step closer now, as the Spade Ram has been released in the store. You can purchase an entire army of these sheep for your land, but watch out - they don't come cheap. A single Ram (Spades) costs 30 Farm Cash.

For that price, you'll receive a single red Ram with black spades (save for the one brown Spade at the back of his body). Luckily for us, if you don't have the Farm Cash on hand to purchase this little fella, you can save up for as long as you need to, as he doesn't currently have an expiration date from the store. Will the Ram be entirely permanent to the game's store? That much remains to be seen, but it's a pretty good guess if I were a betting woman. Either way, remember this: if you want your Lambs to be guaranteed to have this Spade pattern when breeding, the only way to do so is to pay for it.

Will you purchase a Spade-patterned Ram in FarmVille? Which color Lambs are you hoping to breed with this new pattern? Let us know in the comments.