FarmVille: Say "Oh Canada!" for Canada Day animals


With tonight's FarmVille update, we see a quick release of four Canada Day animals in the game's store. Canada Day may be July 1, but hey - Wednesday is FarmVille update day, so Zynga decided to be a bit early here (better that than late, right?). There look to only be four items available in this small theme, with all four being animals.

you can pick up a Beaver or Elk for 20 Farm Cash each, along with a Polar Bear Cub for 22 Farm Cash. Yes, each of these animals were originally available in other themes (the Polar Bear Cub was originally seen in the Earth Day 2010 event, as an example, and again back on Mother's Day of this year), but if you've yet to make the purchase, here they are for your shopping pleasure yet again. As for the Canadian Flag Ewe, this Sheep costs 20 Farm Cash, and while it can be bred, since it's a female you won't be able to pass on the maple leaf pattern (unfortunately).

All of these animals will be available for the next two weeks, so get to shopping!

Have you already added these three re-released animals to your farm, or are you picking them up for the first time this evening? Would you buy a Canada Flag Ewe if you could pass on the maple leaf pattern to Lambs when breeding? Sound off in the comments.