FarmVille: Forget actually farming - just buy your XP from the store


While shopping for some Fuel or Vehicles in FarmVille, you might come across something that's rather interesting (I know I did): you can now purchase XP outright from the store, but only for Farm Cash. Wait, what? After all of these months or even years of toiling over our land, earning experience points square by square, we can now take the easy way out and simply "buy" our way to the next level? Am I the only one that has a problem with this? Apparently, as the most expensive XP package is already the top-selling item in the store.

Either way, you can purchase one of three XP packages from the store's "Farm Aides" section: 50 XP for 5 Farm Cash, 200 XP for 10 Farm Cash and 1,000 XP for 30 Farm Cash. Yep, the 30 Farm Cash package is the best selling item in the store. I guess there are a lot of farmers that don't mind taking advantage of this new option. As for me, I'll stick with the virtual farming to level up, but the choice is up to you.

So, what do you think? Should players be able to use Farm Cash to level up and unlock items, or is that unfair to other players? Or, is this just another way to allow players to customize their games that is perfectly fine? Will you purchase any of this in-store XP? Sound off in the comments.