FarmVille: Want your Lamb to have a certain pattern? You can, for Farm Cash


Here's one time where I'd like to remind you farmers to please not "shoot the messenger." It looks like Zynga has finally caved, and is offering 100% guaranteed pattern inheritance when breeding Sheep in FarmVille, but wait! There's a massive catch. For this guarantee, you'll need to shell out Farm Cash. As of this writing, the price for a single Lamb with a guaranteed pattern is 3 Farm Cash.

To use this feature, just head into your Sheep Pen and pick a Ram and a Ewe as normal. See the "Guarantee Pattern?" option at the bottom of the window? You'll need to check that to acknowledge that you'd like Zynga to take 3 Farm Cash from you, for the guarantee that your Lamb will have the exact same pattern as the Ram you're currently breeding. Is it worth it? Considering the fact that even the 50% pattern inheritance is currently broken, it seems like this might be your only real way to breed Lambs with any patterns without wasting tons of Bottles and Love Potions on receiving plain white Sheep.

It's hard to ignore the fact that Sheep Breeding has been one of the most dramatic features in FarmVille to date. The rules and stipulations change all of the time, but perhaps with this, we'll at least have the option to always get what we want, for a price. Note: The same feature also functions for Pigs.

Will you purchase the guarantee for pattern inheritance in your Lambs? Would you purchase the guarantee if it were available for coins? Sound off in the comments.