CityVille Lifeguard Station doesn't play the Baywatch theme, unfortunately


Quite a bummer, huh? What the CityVille Lifeguard Station does do, however, is still fairly impressive, as this one little building will allow you to add up to 900 more citizens to your city. For the price of 35,000 coins (which is actually fairly cheap, if you think about how many items have been release for City Cash lately), you'll get a 4x4 square building that takes a whopping 13 hits to construct.

Once the frame is built, you'll need to ask your friends to help you staff this building in a big way. You'll need to fill 10 positions, either by paying 5 City Cash for each position to be filled (Samantha will take the employee's space), or by asking your friends to come work in the building by sending them individual "gift" requests.

Again, once the building is done, you'll have the ability to add up to 900 more citizens to your town, and as expanding now requires so many citizens, you can use all of the allowance that you can get, so get to building! Oh, and feel free to hum the Baywatch theme to yourself as you build it. I won't tell.

Will you build the Lifeguard Station in your CityVille town? Would you like to see more ocean/summer themed items released in the game? Let us know in the comments.

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