Cafe World Ice Cream Cart: Serve sweet frozen treats to your guests

If you've completed the Ice Cream Cart goals in Cafe World, you now have the opportunity to actually use this Ice Cream Cart to serve some sweet and frozen goodies to your cafe's customers. Similar in many ways to the Drink Bar, the Ice Cream Cart comes with a menu that's been separated into multiple parts - four, to be exact.

The four sections are Classic Flavors, Swirled Flavors, Crazy Flavors and Super Sundae. As you'd expect, each section contains a series of ice cream cones and other goodies that must be created using energy. You'll receive different amounts of servings for each product you produce, and typically, the more energy an item costs to make, the more servings you'll receive (though not by much). So, for example, if you wished to serve Vanilla Ice Cream Cones in your Cafe, you'd spend nine energy to scoop up five cones. Meanwhile, if you wanted to serve Mint Ice Cream Cones, you'd instead spend 35 energy and would receive eight full servings.

Where things become a bit different is in the additional crew aspect of your Ice Cream Cart. When you start a "shift," your crew will "auto-serve" ice cream and will give you double the mastery points on each of these sweet treats while your shift is active. You'll need to "remind" your crew to check in for their shifts before starting.

For those that want to master these Ice Cream dishes quickly, you have an added incentive to do so, as mastering all of these Ice Cream treats to at least Level 1 within the next week will unlock the Super Sundae, giving you triple rewards. Good luck if you go for that particular feat!

Now that we've found out how the Ice Cream Cart actually functions, are you disappointed in the result, or are you happy to see a similar functionality to the Drink Bar? Will you work to master all of these Ice Cream dishes, or does this feature simply give you something else to avoid? Sound off in the comments.