46 Percent of Americans Give Obama's Job Creation Policies a Failing Grade

Job Creation Policies If you think the government's job creation policies were flailing earlier in the year, just wait until you check out the current numbers: Even though President Obama has made myriad commitments over the past few weeks toward getting Americans back to work, a recent poll from Harris Interactive shows that less than one quarter of all Americans (24 percent) are satisfied with his efforts, and almost half (46 percent) give the president a rating of poor, the poll's lowest rating.

Even his own party is disappointed: Only two in five Democrats (42 percent) give the president positive ratings on how he is handling the jobs issue. And the president's approval number on employment policy is only 19 percent among independents, who often swing elections.

Of course, Americans are dissatisfied across the board. The poll says that only 34 percent gave Obama positive ratings in his handling of education and health care, and only 37 percent are satisfied with the way he is handling the unrest in the Middle East.

So what does this all mean? According to a statement from Harris, "Come November, what people tend to think about is how they feel, compared to the same time four years previously. As Ronald Reagan once asked, "Are you better than you were four years ago?"

President Obama has a little over a year before the answer to that question really matters, but if it were asked now, based on how they see his handling of a key issue such as jobs, Americans may say 'no,' and vote accordingly.

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