Whoops! Zynga IPO is tomorrow, didn't you get the memo?

Zynga IPO
Zynga IPO

No, Zynga, we didn't get the memo. And thanks for telling us now after we got all pretty for nothing. Reuters reports that the Zynga IPO has been moved from its expected date of ... today until Thursday, citing an unnamed source. Well, at least tomorrow we'll get to see whether the FarmVille creator becomes the most valuable game company in the world. (Our bets are on "Is the sky blue?") Tomorrow, the mammoth game developer is expected to seek out another $1 to $2 billion in a funding round lead by investment firm Goldman Sachs, and a reveal a valuation between $15 and $20 billion. Zynga is also expected to erect a new Death Star to celebrate--grab the popcorn.

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