FarmVille-maker Zynga to offer exclusive games for AT&T customers

Zynga Words with Friends Android
Zynga Words with Friends Android

Aw, they look so cute together, too. (So, who's wearing the pants, fellas?) Zynga and AT&T have announced a strategic partnership in which the FarmVille creator will create and launch customized games to the global mobile phone carrier's customers.

Financial specifics of the deal were not disclosed, but the press release does mention what games might hit AT&T's custom Android market stall first.It looks like existing mobile games like Words with Friends and Zynga Poker, both of which already available on the platform, will be first to appear on this AT&T shelf in the Android Market.

Zynga will also be involved with giveaways to AT&T customers during special events. However, the crux of this deal is even more strategic than just bringing in new games.AT&T also wants Zynga's help to "optimize the mobile gaming experience for AT&T customers."

More specifically, the company is looking to find ways to improve battery life on its mobile phones while playing games as well as improve network efficiency. (Perhaps this is also AT&T's first move toward an Android gaming network.) If that last bit means reducing games' effects on AT&T's data caps for smartphones, then count me in. Alright, the new games specifically for AT&T Android phones sound pretty cool too, I guess.

[Image Credit: Android Market]

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