Yet another Social Games Portal Emerges: Friendster is back

Friendster returnsFriendster, like the phoenix has thousands of times before, has risen again renewed, refreshed and predictably re-branded. TechCrunch reports that the failed social network, after it shut its doors less than a month ago, has reopened for business as a social games portal. (Another one, seriously?)

And here's the clincher, the website features Facebook Connect, just like owner MOL Global promised. We'll let that one sink in for a minute. The new-and-improved Friendster already offers a litany of social games, some of which are already being enjoyed by thousands of players as of this writing.

To sign up either traditionally or with Facebook, users must create a name and persona for their Avatar. Then, they're free to play any games they wish, like Battlestations (pictured below).

However, Facebook Connect with Friendster doesn't go far beyond simply inviting friends to play games. These games aren't using the features that Facebook provides like posting to News Feeds, sharing and gifting. (However, whenever you start playing a new game, a Facebook News Feed post is created.)

Battlestations on Friendster
With Facebook on the verge of establishing its Facebook Credits platform, and Google revealing that its games effort is real, it's unsure whether Friendster can fit in the social gaming pool without some overflow. And that's especially considering the myriad of other social games services on the horizon from DeNA's Mobage mobile network to Hi5 and TeePee Games. Let's just say Friendster, even with help for developers, is surrounded by even more sharks in this pool.

Were you a Friendster fan back in the day? (Are you still?) How do you think Friendster will fare against Facebook and the like as a social games platform? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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