FarmVille: Star Flowers light up farms everywhere ... for 10 Farm Cash

FarmVille Star Flower
FarmVille Star Flower

While FarmVille has enjoyed a deluge of updates over the past few weeks, it still needs that spark. Or rather, a sparkler. Just in time for July 4th, Zynga has released the Star Flowers to the game. And just like we expected, the developer slapped on that dastardly 10 Farm Cash planting license. (We're sensing a trend, folks.) At any rate, here's what the Star Flower is all about:

Star Flowers

  • Cost 10 Farm Cash

  • Harvest in 12 hours

  • Yield 200 Coins, 3 XP

The license, which goes for about $2.50 USD through Farm Cash, allows players to plant unlimited Star Flowers for seven days. And with full Mastery and Bushel support, you're gonna' need all seven, if not more, to get the most out of this limited edition crop. In fact, the plant will only be around for another 27 days, so get to spending that dough if you want a shot at this rare crop. It's times like these some of you wish you took part in the Farm Cash offers, huh?

Star Flower license
Star Flower license

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