FarmVille Pink and Red Combines: Pay big Farm Cash for big harvests

FarmVille Pink CombineIn the most interesting Farm Cash development since the infamous Unwither Ring, Zynga has released two new Combines to FarmVille, the Red and Pink Combine. Brace yourselves. They each cost 135 and 150 Farm Cash, respectively, which amount to around $22 and $25 a piece.

However, these Combines also provide a huge boost to your productivity. The former can farm 20 plots at a time in a 4 by 4 space, but the latter can harvest 25 plots per click in a 5 by 5 space.For the record, that's more coverage than the most powerful Combine in the game right now, so reconsider your scorn.

And you probably could have already guessed that these Combines cannot be upgraded any further. Alright, so over 20 bucks for a single digital item in a game--not to be confused with a game--does sound a bit crazy. That's because, well, it is.

But for those of you who have been saving their Farm Cash from those almost daily promotions for a very special item, here it is. Go ahead and splurge. Now, if you've yet to amass that much digital dough, there's no need to rush (or make a silly purchase): these two items are permanent additions to the Market.

FarmVille Pink and Red Combines

Have you decided to buy either of these massively expensive Combines? Would you ever buy an item in any social game for this much money? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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