FarmVille CityVille Mailbox: Send yourself gifts between Zynga games

FarmVille CityVille Mailbox
FarmVille CityVille Mailbox

Apparently neither FarmVille nor CityVille have heard of email. That's the impression we get with a brand new and interesting feature that has dropped on ... both games, really. It's called the CityVille Mailbox, and when you log into FarmVille today you will be greeted with a message promoting this new tool.

Then, you'll of course be thrown into placement mode, so put the Mailbox any old place and get on with it. When you click on the Mailbox, you will discover its true power: the ability to send gifts to yourself between games. Did Zynga just eliminate the need for multiple accounts?

Well, it sure seems that way--at least for FarmVille and CityVille. Players can send themselves free (and useful) gifts once the feature is put in place in both games. (We imagine the process for placing the Mailbox in CityVille isn't far different from what we've found here.) Here are just a few of items you can send and receive:

FarmVille CityVille Mailbox Sent
FarmVille CityVille Mailbox Sent


  • Energy

  • Goods

  • Building Permits

  • CityVille Seal

  • Marble

  • Ribbon

  • Zoning Permits

FarmVille CityVille Mailbox Received
FarmVille CityVille Mailbox Received


  • Brick

  • Nail

  • Wooden Board

  • Mystery Gift

  • Special Delivery

  • Bottle

  • 1/5 Fuel Refill

  • Love Potion

The main draw of this new feature is self-sufficiency. Finally, players can (legitimately) send themselves free gifts that are actually useful. However, we doubt you can send these gifts very often, so as to not beef players up too quickly in either game. Regardless, this feature is one of the best we've seen recently, and we hope to see more like it.

[Image Credit: FV Fanatic]

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