Controversial Bar Name Keeps Owner From Hiring Staff

Controversial Bar The name is not obscene, it doesn't infringe on any copyright, and it doesn't conflict with anyone's civil liberties. And yet, the bar owner who thought up the moniker is having trouble getting a liquor license, which is keeping him from earning a salary of his own, let alone employing a good-size staff in New Brunswick, N.J.

Of course, if mispronounced, the name in question, "Buck Foston's" could sound terrible. And let's face it, that's what bar-owner Larry Blatterfein is counting on. He's a lifelong New York Yankees fan who has no love for their major rivals, the Boston Red Sox. The Boston Herald reports that he's hoping the name will "engender an emotional response."

Blatterfein claims that New Brunswick Mayor Jim Cahill, a dyed-in-the-wool Red Sox fan, is attempting to prevent the name by withholding a liquor license. Without a liquor license, a bar can hardly function.

UPI reports that Blatterfein has been able to hire at least one person on the bar's behalf -- a big name constitutional lawyer who will help him defend his rights to name his bar whatever he chooses, as long as it meets decency standards and doesn't infringe on anyone's rights, if it comes to that. As usual, at least the attorneys will profit.

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