Berlin's Latest Tourist Attraction: A Box?

Berlin's latest tourist attraction: A box?

Associated Press

First there was that crazy glass pyramid at the Louvre, and now Berlin is the latest European city to acquire its own geometric tourist attraction.

The Humboldt Box will sit for two years in a downtown square where a replica Prussian palace is also to be built. The futuristic-looking structure is almost hexagonal in shape, and stands 92 feet high above one end of the Berlin's Uter den Linden Boulevard, across from the neoclassical Museum Island complex.

The silver-and-blue building hosts exhibitions for the under-construction palace, to be completed in 2019, reports the Associated Press.

City officials told the agency that the box's modern appearance was a deliberate choice.

Visitors may be "surprised by the architecture...and want to see what's in there," Hermann Parzinger, who oversees Berlin's museums, said Tuesday.

We're as curious as they are.

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