Unreal Estate: News You Won't Believe

raptureEach week, AOL Real Estate probes the corners of the web to bring you offbeat dispatches from the world of real estate. This week: discount bunkers, psychic superintendents, and the most embarrassing home-listing photo ever taken.

"Rapture bunkers" are now running at prices low enough to make end-of-days believers think they've died and gone to heaven. With preacher Harold Camping's prediction of a May 21 apocalypse proven false, or at least premature (again), luxury bunker prices have plummeted by 80 percent, according to Business Insider. [Correction: An earlier version of this post gave an incorrect figure for the discount.]

While the radio preacher's claims of ties to the infinite are now suspect, one real estate superintendent's record as a prognosticator seems to argue that she may, in fact, have what he lacks. The New York Times interviewed Joan Baker, a freelance property manager who does "psychic credit checks" on prospective tenants of the seven properties she manages in Brooklyn. Of the 60 to 70 potential tenants she's interviewed, she missed a deadbeat only twice, she said -- and one of those was a subletter, not the tenant she interviewed.

Perhaps Baker could divine what is blowing up Martha Stewart tables on patios around the country, a phenomenon reported by Denver's Fox News 31. Apparently, it's not the first time the glass-topped tables have exploded. Luckily, no one has been seriously hurt.

Meanwhile, our friends at Curbed uncovered what is possibly the most embarrassing real estate listing photo ever: A bathroom shot featuring the reflection of the photographer -- who happened to be bare-breasted at the time. Who knew folks were so risqué down in Chambee, Ga.?

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