TripAdvisor Survey Takes Speedos, Beach Chair Hogs To Task

According to a new pool and beach etiquette survey of 2,000 travelers released by the booking site TripAdvisor, the top three faux pas committed by swimmers and sunbather are blasting loud music, hogging beach chairs and urinating in the water.

The survey was particularly harsh on parents of young children, a group of hardened serial-violators: 52% said diapers should not be changed publicly, 5% stated that it's unacceptable for young children to go in pools or the ocean with diapers on and 65% didn't want to see any more naked kids running around.

In fact, 63% thought pools and beaches should have specific zones for children, where they won't bother anybody (which mirrors people's feelings about babies on airplanes).

Respondents were surprisingly permissive when it came to swimwear: 65% believe it is fine for men to wear Speedos and 71% feel that women should feel free to flaunt it in "skimpy bikinis."

But for every respondent willing to look the other way, the survey discovered a group of strangely-mannered citizens. The 47% of people who said it was unacceptable to urinate in the ocean when no one else is around. We all know that whales and fish pee right?

Speaking of extreme: 18% claim it is unacceptable for women to go topless at any beach under any circumstance. This includes nude beaches, which are normally labeled and easy to avoid. Apparently there are people who, if they accidentally barge into the wrong changing room, say, "Excuse you!" before storming away.

The most instructive finding was buried low in the survey: 26% of respondents said that a crowded beach, strangers should maintain a 6-foot buffer zone between them and their neighbors and 38% claim that at an uncrowded beach that zone should expand to 20 feet.

This sort of specificity seems to indicate that it is more or less impossible to go to the pool or beach without offending somebody. To each his own.

What do you think of these findings? Leave it in comments.

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