Greece Strikes Mean Airport Closures and Travel Delays

Greek Strikes Mean Airport Closures and Travel Delays

Associated Press

Those trying to travel to and from Greece will find their plans hampered, thanks two days of strikes that began Tuesday by a Greek trade union.

The anti-austerity strikes are meant to protest the passage of a controversial economic package, and will involve a 48-hour walkout by public sector workers, reports the Financial Times.

That means banks, government offices, public transport, ferry services and, of course, trains and planes will be affected.

Planes will effectively be grounded for the two-day manifestation, due to air traffic controllers working only for four hours in the morning and four hours in the evenings, reports the Daily Mail.

The Port of Piraeus, the major ferry hub out of Athens, will be shut down. Though, according to some reports, other ports may be functioning.

Greece has been struggling financially for some time, as its economy has suffered acutely from the global downturn, and the country is in major national debt. On the bright side, when travel does start up again, it can mean budget deals for vacationers.

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