FrontierVille Pioneer Trail Sneak Peek: The High Plains are highly arid

High Plains FrontierVille
If a valley full of beavers wasn't enough for you, perhaps some ... dry deserted plains will do the trick, yeah. Zynga has released some images of the next stop on the upcoming Pioneer Trail in FrontierVille. This time, you'll catch a first glimpse at the High Plains, an arid region on the trail.

FrontierVille High Plains
What's worse is that the McBaggin's are in trouble again, so expect plenty more Goals from those folks in this expansion. From the looks of the screen shots, it appears that there are some new critters to clobber like an angry-looking hawk. The rivers have dried up, but folks are somehow still planting, so expect to do some more farming in the High Plains as well, some of which with potentially new crops. The Pioneer Trail is sizing up to be a fun time, if it would just release already.

FrontierVille High Plains farming

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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