FishHunt: Take to the high seas as an angler on Facebook


While there are quite a few fish-themed games on Facebook, these tend to be aquarium based, as you simply purchase fish from a store and watch them swim around your tanks. But what if you were given the opportunity to actually go out and catch your own fish? Well, HitGrab now allows you to do just that with FishHunt on Facebook.

FishHunt places you in the role of amateur fisherman (or fisher-woman), as you're given a boat and set sail towards adventure. Rather than being given a level, your game's progress is instead measured by your fishing license. You'll start with the basic A1 license, which simply allows you to fish with the most basic of beginner's equipment, but as you complete quests, you'll reach higher and higher licenses, unlocking better equipment and more areas to explore.

Gameplay itself is setup on a grid, and you can click on various squares to navigate freely through the environments that you've unlocked. To fish, simply click on your rod and click on the square you'd like to cast into. The types of fish you can catch depend on various factors: the depth of the water, location, type of bait and quality of your rod all being factors.

Depending on the square, you may not catch a fish (no bait is wasted), or you may simply catch a fish without a fight. Other times, you'll reel in a fighter, which triggers a mini-game where you'll need to keep your mouse within a green area to not allow the fish to fight its way off of the line. For each fish that you catch, you'll have various options for what to do with it. For one, the first of every fish goes to filling out that fish's trophy in your Trophy Room.

The Trophy Room allows you to "mount" these fish on upgradable plaques. With each new species of fish that you catch, you have a chance of unlocking clues as to where to find others (this comes in handy for quests that require you to catch specific kinds of fish). You can even unlock clues about fish that you haven't captured by either purchasing them with Facebook Credits (the native premium currency), or by visiting your friends' Trophy Rooms and asking for hints.

Where FishHunt adds in some strategy is in its variable economy. As you catch more of the same fish, your boat will eventually reach its storage capacity and you'll need to head to the Fish Market to sell the excess. Market prices for your fish vary over time (for instance, a Diva Fish might sell for 18 coins one hour, and only 15 the next), but all users see the same prices, which look to update once every 60 minutes. You'll want to routinely check back into the store to see how much profit you can make for the same fish, as you'll forever need money to purchase more bait or better fishing rods.

In order to keep players coming back for more, FishHunt includes two types of timers outside of the energy bar. One is the Ice timer, which must be consistently refilled manually by purchasing ice from the store. If your boat runs out of ice, the fish inside go rotten and can only be sold as chum. Another timer comes when using Nets instead of Fishing Rods. These nets won't catch the greatest fish, but they're consistent. The only catch (see what I did there? catch fish? nevermind) is that they take time to fill, so you'll have to come back after 30 minutes or more to see what you've snagged.


After launching just a few weeks ago, FishHunt has reeled in over 260,000 players, and we can see why. The game has plentiful, constant animation and very colorful, pleasing graphics (not to mention the ever-popular fullscreen mode). FishHunt seems to be a truly unique idea in a sea of city-builders or farming simulations, and we definitely can't fault it for that. If you'd like to try your hand at becoming a master angler, make sure to give this one a shot!

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Have you tried FishHunt on Facebook? What do you think of a cartoon-y fishing simulator on Facebook? Do you prefer aquarium themed fish games, or will you give this one a chance? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.