FarmVille: Zynga boosts storage to 1K items

FarmVille Storage boost
If the brand new Storage Transfer feature in FarmVille scared you, fret no more. (Well, at least for a little while.) Zynga has ramped up in-game storage to hold 1 thousand items in response to the growing space problem that joining two farms' storage brings. It's an exciting development, if a little modest some might think. However, it's a start, so enjoy that fresh new feature feeling while it lasts. (And before you run through a thousand slots.) Time to collect another 250 bundles of Shovels--get to it.

Storage Cellar

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Feed]

Have you already filled your 1 thousand slots? Do you think Zynga should do more to fix the storage issues? If so, what? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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