FarmVille Cheats and Tips: Water Wheel is here with Free Gifting Links

WAter Wheel
WAter Wheel

Finally, Zynga drops a building that's useful on FarmVille. OK, we kid--the Storage update was certainly useful, as was the Craftshop (after the changes). But the Water Wheel gives you free Watering Cans when it's time to collect. Can't get much more useful than that, eh? The Water Wheel will come to you immediately upon logging in the game, starting today. (Though, I've yet to receive it, so it's another slow roll out.)


You will find the Water Wagon in you Gift Box after logging into the game, which costs no Coins nor does it reward with XP. However, you will need three of each of these items to create the first stage of the Water Wheel: Gears, Axels and Ropes. They're on the Free Gift page, but luckily for you we have handy-dandy gifting links for your gifting pleasure. Just click on the images above to send away.

[Image Credit: FV Masters]

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