Family Guy Online: Quahog's first family gets its very own online multiplayer game

family guy online
family guy online

If preaching from the Good Book in Holy Town isn't your idea of a superior social game, what about a new online game based on the Fox's semi-irreverent animated show, Family Guy?

Yup, it looks like Peter, Lois, Stewie and the rest of the Griffin family will be making their debut on a web browser near you in the new multiplayer game, Family Guy Online. Right now, there are no real details available on FGO, other than it's coming in Fall 2011. There's also its recently launched official site, which you can visit and sign up for a chance to play the closed beta version of the game, as well as an official Facebook fan page for the game which you can 'Like' to get more info on the fly.


So, as you ponder what exactly a Family Guy Online game will be like (will you be able to tour of Peter's favorite watering hole, the Drunken Clam? Can you play as Stewie and finally take over the universe? Will the entire family spontaneously break into song?), we'll dig around to see what other scraps of information we can unearth in the meantime.

[Via Trixie360]