Cafe World Go Full Screen Goals: Everything you need to know


Back in December, we brought you a Wishful Feature concerning the lack of full screen gameplay in Cafe World. Well chefs, it seems like after all of our adamant complain-- err, suggesting, Zynga has finally listened. While full screen gameplay in Cafe World will be unleashed to the masses in "a few weeks," if you don't want to wait, you can unlock the mode early by completing a set of Goals appropriately titled "Go Full Screen," that sees you helping Ziggy [pictured] "invent" the full screen gameplay mode.

Yes, it seems a bit odd that we should have to complete Goals to unlock a gameplay option that should have been available from the start, but alas. If you're like me, chomping at the proverbial bit for full screen play, then follow along with us as we take a look at this goal series.

Go Full Screen 1:

Serve Chips and Guacamole 10 times
Spice 5 Neighbor Dishes
Find one Type of Quantum Collection item

Our clue for finding the Quantum Collection item is to "Use Spices," so do just that and you'll eventually find one. I only had to spice a single stove to receive a Quantum Carrot, so they don't look to be too hard to find (note: you can spice your own stoves to receive them, so feel free to use those peppers and salts you might have on hand). Your reward for finishing this goal is the Biscuits of Tomorrow recipe. This new dish takes over most of the next few goals, which will eventually require you to master it entirely.

Go Full Screen 2:

Serve 20 Biscuits of Tomorrow
Find 3 types of Quantum Collection items
Ask for 3 Bubbling Beakers

The Beakers are earned from friends. Meanwhile, the Biscuits of Tomorrow recipe is available to cook for 3,000 coins. It takes four hours to prepare, serves 200, and returns 5,000 coins in total. Remember, you can use spices to speed up the cooking time here, which is appropriate, as you'll need to use spices to earn those additional Quantum Collection items.

Go Full Screen 3:

Spice 10 Neighbor Dishes
Master Biscuits of Tomorrow to Level 1
Find 4 Types of Quantum Collection items

The first level of Biscuits of Tomorrow mastery comes at 30 servings, so after finishing the last goal, you'll only need to serve the dish ten more times to meet that milestone.

Go Full Screen 4:

Trade in the Quantum Collection
Master Biscuits of Tomorrow to Level 2
Ask for 8 Jolting Generators

You guessed it - all of these Quantum Collection items will eventually need to be turned in, which you can do via the in-game collections cabinet. Meanwhile, your friends can send you the Jolting Generators. Just click on the "ask" button to ask them to help you out.

Go Full Screen 5:

Master Biscuits of Tomorrow to Level 3
Ask for 15 Stylish Smocks
Spice 15 Neighbor Dishes

Are you tired of cooking the Biscuits of Tomorrow? Good, because we're not done yet. By the end of this goal, you will need to have completely mastered the dish, so I hope you don't fall behind on your duties and let these biscuits spoil. Luckily, you have two other tasks to occupy your time while waiting for them to cook. After finishing this goal, you are technically allowed to play in full screen mode, but there's still a final, fairly useless Goal to complete afterward.

Go Full Screen 6:

Active Fullscreen!

Basically, this Goal works as a way to introduce you to the Full Screen button, which can be found in the very bottom right corner of the gameplay area, next to the settings menu (where you'd zoom your view in and out, change the visual quality and so on). For simply entering into full screen a single time, you'll complete this goal and will be the proud owner of a Super Big Screen TV decoration for your trouble.

While playing in full screen sounds like it will be fantastic, the real test will be whether or not the game can stand up to the pressure of our massive cafes while playing in full screen. After all of the time Zynga has spent implementing the option, we can only assume it will be great. You can believe they'll hear about it if it isn't.

Will you work towards unlocking full screen in Cafe World early, or are you fine waiting until Zynga releases the ability to everyone at a later date? Let us know in the comments.