Bejeweled neon diamond lamp lights up PopCap's Week 3 charity auction

PopCap Bejeweled neon diamond lampEasily recognizable from anywhere, the iconic Bejeweled diamond has been transformed into a neon lamp by Seattle artist Jeremy Bert. That glowy blue is just mesmerizing, isn't it?

Other eyecandy highlights for this week are canvas and sketches for Plants vs. Zombies, Zuma, and Peggle.

For the ceramic dishware fans (hey, that's me!) and the Facebook gamers out there, Erin Middendorf -- who's "PopCap's lead artist for Zuma Blitz by day, and master potter by night" -- has created a Zuma Blitz tea set. What an awesome follow-up to the Peggle sake set and the Plants vs. Zombies ceramic mug and bowl set!

Lastly, there's a Plants vs. Zombies outfit of the ubiquitous Zombie (see it in the video below) to complement last week's Peashooter costume. But it's not limited to Halloween, cause this is the same official costume that's been paraded around by PopCap's staff at major video games conventions, such as E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) and PAX (Penny Arcade Expo).
Zuma Blitz ceramic tea set

PopCap reports that nearly $2,000 USD were raised from Week 2. That money will be going to the Starlight Children's Foundation in America and SpecialEffect in the United Kingdom. To start placing your bids, visit:

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