Zynga's Empires & Allies conquers FarmVille in just under a month

Empires & Allies
Empires & Allies

Is FarmVille on its way out? Not even close, but the game is losing its luster ... at least compared to the new Zynga hotness: Empires & Allies. The strategy combat game has reached 41 million players in just 25 days, which defeats FarmVille's 38 million monthly players, according to AppData. Of course, this is the second time a new Zynga game has ousted FarmVille, the first being none other than CityVille.

And that game holds 90 million monthly players. We've already touched on why this game has grown just as, if not more, quickly than Zynga's own hit games, but it again boils down to Zynga leveraging its own fan base.

It's a shame to say for the others out there, but Zynga is kinda competing with itself at this point. And until a competitor reaches that caliber of traffic, that's how it will be. (Can the speculation end now?)

And the quality of Zynga's games is only improving, and the company is slowly moving onto mobile with the recent original games for iOS: Hanging with Friends and CityVille Hometown (soon to be released). If E&A keeps going at this rate, where will it stop? Could it perhaps even surpass CityVille's peak of 100 million players. Give it another month and we'll see.

[Via VentureBeat]

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