Super Crayon on Facebook: Drawing you to distraction

Super Crayon
Super Crayon

Seriously, you will lose serious life minutes to this game. It's called Super Crayon, and its super simple yet potentially gripping play mechanics could keep you coming back for more. Developed by Barcelona-based Social Point, Super Crayon isn't the deepest social game around, but it offers what ultimately all social gamers are looking for, a distraction from work, stress, what have you. And how could you feel stressed when piloting that adorable little pencil?


The game throws players into controlling a small pencil with the arrow keys across different image puzzles. Your goal is to reveal as much of the image without hitting your own pencil trail a la' Snake, but monsters are also after your work. If they hit your pencil trail, you only have a fraction of a second to reach an edge of the picture before you're a goner. Luckily for you, there are several power-ups to help you out.

Grab a wing and you'll gain super speed, but inversely stopwatches freeze your enemies. Gobble up a star to get the ability to eat the baddies--just like in Pac-Man. The game takes plenty of inspiration from other games (clearly), but these tropes aren't necessarily new much less the picture puzzle sub genre. The final, probably most important example is the fact that you only have a few lives per run, as if this were an old arcade game.

Super Crayon on Facebook
Super Crayon on Facebook

It's not a coincidence that some folks in the industry have alluded Facebook games to arcade machines. Players can purchase Gold or earn it through playing the game to buy more lives. And this is where Super Crayon's (terribly light) social features come in. As an alternative to Gold, you can ask friends to provide you with lives as well. To support friendly competition, Super Crayon automatically creates leader boards between friends, and provides a global leader board to really put things into perspective. Between its fun if limited visuals and simplistic but calming game play, Super Crayon has the potential to be your next big fling on Facebook.

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