Games boost productivty, GSN Digital study says (of course)

Games in the workplace
Games in the workplace

And take it from us. Alright, so both are somewhat biased opinions that are likely preaching to the choir--we all need a back pat every once in a while. GSN Digital, creators of Facebook games like Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!, have released a study that surveyed 800 GSN Digital gamers on how games have affected their productivity. And the responses will surprise you.

Nearly 80 percent of folks questioned said that they feel more productive after taking breaks during the work day to play video games. (It's the periodic mental breaks, apparently.) And 59 percent of players say that less than 30 minutes of game time daily during work hours increases creativity and reduces stress.

However, GSN does point out that 35 percent of respondents play during work hours, which is significant. But a whopping 53 percent of workers play games on lunch or during official breaks. And don't ask us our opinions, you know what we'll say.

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