FrontierVille falls out of top 15 on Facebook app leaderboard

If you head over to AppData, and look at the top 15 Facebook applications based on monthly active users, you'll notice a shocking disappearance: FrontierVille is no longer on the list. At 13.9 million monthly active players, FrontierVille now sits at number 17, one spot behind Playdom's Gardens of Time, which is headed in the opposite direction: up, up, up.

Now, to be fair, some of the top apps aren't technically games, but if we had looked at this chart a few weeks or months ago, that wouldn't have mattered. FrontierVille peaked at 36.9 million players - almost as many players as FarmVille currently pulls in, putting it easily in the top five apps on the entire site. With such a drop-off of players, it leaves us to wonder: why?

Could it be that users are simply tired of the repetition of so many missions and so much clutter taking over their land? With the addition of animal and tree storage buildings, it seems like the clutter issue might have been negated, at least for now, but perhaps it was too little too late. Or, let's look at things in a different way. Could Empires & Allies, which has just passed FarmVille in total players, be drawing players away from FrontierVille with its newer appeal? Whatever the case, it's a disturbing thought to see a game once so popular and powerful now seemingly on its way out.

Will Zynga remove the game from Facebook? I highly, highly doubt it (let's not forget that it's still likely pulling in lots of dough for Zynga), but perhaps this shift in player attention will force the company to change things around - for the better.

Have you stopped playing FrontierVille? Why did you give up on the game? What could Zynga do to renew the game's appeal in your eyes? Let us know in the comments.
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