FrontierVille Building the Fowl Pond: Everything you need to know


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Looking to store even more of your animals, and clear even more space on your land in FrontierVille? Well, now you can store all sorts of fowl and even some aquatic animals via the launch of the Fowl Pond. This Fowl Pond looks to be available to a large number of players already, but it may not appear for you just yet if it hasn't rolled out to you yet. Once you receive the Fowl Pond, you'll need to clear out a fairly large chunk of land to place it, and then "whack" the dirt five times to fully dig the pond (each whack costs 10 Wood). Yes, you must whack dirt, and it costs Wood to do so, but no one said the game was about total realism.

Once you've finished that step, you'll be left with the standard item collection tasks. You'll need to collect six items: 10 each of Green Algae, Pre-formed Ponds, and Fence Beams, along with 15 each of Pond Handbooks, Pond Rocks, and Shovels. The first three are available via general news posts to your wall, while the latter three are earned through individual requests to friends.

After you've finished the construction on your Fowl Pond, you'll be left with a "building" that can store 250 adult Geese, Ducks, Swans, Turtles, Frogs, and Penguins. The pond can be upgraded to eventually hold up to 1000 of these animals. When collecting the Daily Bonus from the Fowl Pond, you'll have a chance of spawning three rare swans: a Pink, White or Black Swan, to be exact, which can, of course, be stored back in the Fowl Pond once raised to adulthood.

Now, I know this Fowl Pond has been released as a way to save space on our lands, but the sheer size of this thing seems to contradict that. Am I the only player that doesn't have a mass amount of these animals to store? That is, the space I save by storing my Geese and Frogs (etc.) won't near make up for the space I've now lost with the Fowl Pond itself. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this, but if you're like me, it's definitely something to consider.

Either way, make sure to also check out the game's store for the new Duck that can be purchased and raised to place inside the Fowl Pond. A single duck costs 261 coins (with the store discount), and can be collected from once every three and a half hours.

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What do you think of the new Fowl Pond storage feature? Are you excited about this new Duck and the possibility for new Swans? Or, do you think the Pond is too large to really be a space-saving feature? Sound off in the comments.