FarmVille Mystery Game (06/26/11): Mexican Animals now available


Unlike last week, where we were left without a FarmVille Mystery Game for a few days, this week's game has updated on time and on "schedule." This week, we see the Mexico limited edition item theme carrying over into the Mystery Game, as a set of Mexican themed animals are now available to win.

This week's game costs 20 Farm Cash and includes a Unicorn. Now that I have your attention, here's the complete rundown of possible prizes:

Golden Eagle
Howler Monkey
Mexican Unicorn

While the Mexican Unicorn will likely be the most sought after item of this series, we'd also expect it to be the most rare. Remember, if you have any spare Mystery Darts lying around, use those first before shelling out Farm Cash so that you can increase your chances of walking away with one of those beauties for no additional cash.

As usual, this week's Mystery Game will only be available to play until next Sunday evening, so make sure to play early and play fast so as to not forget and miss out on these animals (possibly for good).

Which of these animals would you most like to see on your farm? Are you going to play this week's game, or do you not want to take the risk that you won't receive what you want? Let us know in the comments.