FarmVille: Mouflon Sheep available as free gift for a limited time


Here's something that even veteran FarmVille players can get excited about: the Mouflon Sheep has just appeared on the game's free gifts page as a limited time only gift. While this animal has been available in the past, as a lost animal that would randomly appear on your farms, it's not nearly as common as say, the Ugly Duckling or Himalayan Cat that are currently going around.

Also, while this Mouflon Sheep is technically a sheep (yes, it looks more like a goat, but it is an actual species of sheep), it can't be placed inside your Sheep Pen, and therefore can't be bred. As it stands, this little fella gives you 84 coins each time you harvest it, and it can be harvested once every three days; then again, the profit isn't really we collect these animals, is it?

Even if you already have tons of these sheep on your land from previous releases, wouldn't it be nice to help out those newer players that don't have any? You can do so by sending them these sheep for a limited time. That time could be just a few hours, or even until tomorrow or later, but if you're like me, you won't want to take the risk of it being the former. Make sure to send these Sheep to friends (and ask for some in return) while you know you still can!

Is this the first time you've been able to add a Mouflon Sheep to your land, or do you already have a collection of them on your land from previous releases? Let us know in the comments.