FarmVille Mexico Items: Mariachi Costume, Jacaranda Tree, Azteca Horse and many more


Tonight's FarmVille update does a great job of catching us up with new items (after the past weeks of re-releases), as there have been two new themes launched in the game's store. This first theme, the Mexico theme, comes chalk full of trees, animals, buildings, decorations, and even a costume for you avatar. Without further ado, here's a complete rundown of the items that are available thus far.


Jacaranda Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Vera Wood Tree - 10 Farm Cash

The Jacaranda Tree, as you'd expect, is the level one tree is this pair, so if you'd rather save some Farm Cash, you can just purchase it and then wait for a Vera Wood Tree to appear from Mystery Seedlings. Both of these new trees can be mastered, with the first star coming at 75 harvests.


Bull - 20 Farm Cash
Azteca Horse - 26 Farm Cash

Don't be fooled by the Bull here. This is he exact same Bull we've seen on the free gifts page time and time again, or even as a free lost pet that would show up on your farm. Unless you're desperate for another Bull on your land, as you have a Dairy Barn currently without one (remember, they allow for the breeding of calves), please do yourself a favor and save your Farm Cash for something else. It's highly unlikely that we won't see the Bull available for free again in the future.


Mexican Home - 300,000 coins
Mexican Farmhouse - 25 Farm Cash

Both of these buildings offer hefty experience point rewards, at 3,000 for the Mexican Home and 2,500 for the Mexican Farmhouse.


Quetzal Bird - 18 Farm Cash
Mariachi Gnome - 15 Farm Cash
Pincushion Cactus I - 5,000 coins
Pottery Stand - 100,000 coins
Pincushion Cactus II - 1,000 coins

As you'd expect, the Pincushion Cactus II item is much smaller, and less detailed the the first, explaining its lower price tag. Also keep in mind that the Quetzal Bird is decorative only, and can't be harvested from. As for the Pottery Stand, this is a fairly small, but highly detailed item, that takes up about the space of the Garden Shed on your land.

Avatar Clothing:

Mariachi Costume - 10 Farm Cash

Rounding out this theme is the Mariachi Costume, with the same costume being available for both genders of avatars. This costume comes complete with a sombrero and trumpet, really helping your avatar look the part. Unfortunately, there isn't additional animation of the avatar playing the trumpet, which would be fantastic, but the look itself is still rather cute.

All of these items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks. With the July 4th theme also beginning in the game this evening, it will be interesting to see if more Mexican themed items are released, or if this is a one-and-done scenario. Either way, we'll make sure to let you know as that becomes clear.

What do you think of tonight's mass release of Mexican themed limited edition items? How many of them will you add to your farm? Let us know in the comments.