CityVille Flower Kiosk Upgrades: Everything you need to know


Is it just me, or is the CityVille Flower Kiosk one of the most unassuming and even boring businesses available in the game? If you agree with me (or even if you don't), it doesn't have to stay that way any longer, as Flower Kiosk upgrades have now been launched in the game. Like many other Business upgrades, this one will require you to either ask your friends for points to help you upgrade, or will see you stocking and restocking your Flower Kiosk over and over (and over) again until you eventually earn all 50 points necessary to upgrade.

While your Level 2 Flower Kiosk will go from 95 coins / 25 Goods to 280 coins / 65 Goods, the real bonus here is in how the Flower Kiosk's appearance changes. Rather than being something resembling a tent, you'll actually gain a true roof, and windows on the side. Go through the process all over again, reaching Level 3 (the current maximum for the Flower Kiosk), and you'll find yourself with an even larger building. While still small (the Flower Kiosk simply has a small footprint), it looks much more like an actual business, and even has a delivery truck parked at the side. In terms of stats, this highest level Kiosk will offer 650 coins for every 130 Goods you supply it with.

As you'd expect, these business upgrades can be done at your own pace. Feel free to ask your friends to help you upgrade if you're impatient, or go about your business elsewhere and let these upgrades happen on their own - it's up to you. With many of the game's "starter" businesses now being upgradable, it leaves us to wonder what's next. The Coffee Shop perhaps? The Video Game Store or Pool Hall? Whatever the case, we'll make sure to let you know as more businesses and community buildings are given upgrades, so keep checking back.

Which Community Building or Business would you like to see given upgrades next? Do you actively upgrade each building in your town, or do you just play the game as normal, letting the upgrades slowly happen in the background? Let us know in the comments.

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