Cafe World Super Summer Food Fest Goals 9-12: Everything you need to know


As we told you last week, Cafe World has launched a massive Super Summer Food Fest, containing a series of goals that apparently have quite a few of you a bit upset. With the necessity for so many Festival Passes, I'm afraid I'm about to make the goal series seem even more difficult, as Zynga has added goals 9-12 to the list, bringing us to the grand finale. And yes, these goals require even more Festival Passes than before.

Leaving off in our previous guide at "Grilled to Order," goal nine of this series is called "Put Summer on Ice," and it immediately hits you with a couple of lengthy requests:

Spice 12 Neighbors Stoves
Ask for 10 Ice Chests
Serve 40 Bacon Wrapped Scallops

No, you don't have to ask for any Festival Passes here, but trust me when I say that's coming a bit later.

Next is "Tall, Frosty Glasses," which beings your Drink Bar back into play.

Master Tangy BBQ Chicken to Level 2 on the BBQ Grill
Ask for 12 Stacks of Cups
Serve 40 Fruit Punch from the Drink Bar

Remember to check your gift box for extra Energy that can be used to get this Fruit Punch requirement out of the way quickly, without having to wait for you Energy to refill on its own.

Goal 11 is called "That's the Ticket," and you guessed it, you'll need to get back to the grindstone of finding tickets to add to your collection.

Master 40 oz. Steak to level 2
Have 35 Festival Passes
Ask for 8 Red Chili Peppers

Until Zynga decides to change things, remember that you can only receive a single Festival Pass from each of your individual Cafe World neighbors or Facebook friends. You can also apparently earn them as bonuses from guests that walk into your cafe (look for a floating icon above their heads), although we haven't personally witnessed that one in action. Your mileage may vary.

Finally, we come to the "Super Finale," which brings this goal series to a close by asking you to top out your Festival Passes collection at 40 individual tickets.

Ask for 12 Baby Back Ribs
Have 40 Festival Passes
Complete the Super Summer Food Fest Catering Order

We've got a complete guide to this catering order, so check it out if you want to know what to expect before starting. As for the Passes, I suppose the only consolation here is that you don't have to start from zero passes for each of these goals. That being the case, this final goal will only technically require you to earn five more passes, but by this point, that's probably far easier said than done.

Once you complete this entire goal series, you'll earn 500 free Festival Passes (contest entries) into Zynga's Super Summer Food Fest contest, and you'll also be able to watch a fireworks show as a celebration for your success. Is all of this hard work worth it? With new recipes to unlock, I suppose you could just complete enough goals to unlock these new dishes, but I know many completionists out there aren't going to like the idea of leaving something unfinished. With a lot of hard work, and a bit of patience, I'm sure we can all power through this together. Or, at least, I hope we can...

What do you think of the finale to this Super Summer Food Fest goal series? Is 40 Festival Passes simply too much to ask of us, or do you have more than enough friends who can help you out? Have any tips for your fellow players on completing these goals? Share them in the comments.