Microsoft reaching out to developers for free-to-play games on Xbox

If the thought of playing Team Fortress 2 for free doesn't do anything for you, how about the idea of playing free-to-play games right on your Xbox 360? According to Develop, Microsoft is preparing not only a microtransaction system to handle free-to-play marketplaces (using Microsoft Points), but they're also reaching out to developers in an effort to bring such free-to-play games to the system.

While Microsoft hasn't publicly announced such, "several sources connected to the matter" have come forward, revealing that Microsoft is weighing two options: either games that support in-game purchases, or can be upgraded (new expansions and the like) at a premium cost.

Of course, the question now remains: just which developers has Microsoft reached out to? Is it possible that we may actually see games like Zynga's FarmVille or the more hardcore focused Empires & Allies given the 360 treatment, with console specific achievements and their own marketplaces? With free-to-play, the possibilities are endless. The cost of "free" gives developers the freedom to try anything knowing that players will give it a chance simply because it costs them nothing to do so. In the world of gaming, free seems to be more and more of a good thing.

Are you excited about the idea of free-to-play games launching on the 360? Would you play games normally available on Facebook on your home consoles, with your console specific friends? Sound off in the comments.

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