CityVille: Add to the summer fun with Swimwear Shop, Taffy Shop and more


If your town in CityVille still isn't the summer hangout that you'd like it to be, you can add to the summer fun in the sun by purchasing one of four new items from the game's store. There are two businesses here, along with a home and a decoration, and luckily, some of these items actually do cost coins, rather than City Cash.

There are two Cash items, though, with those being the Kite Flyer - a small decoration that offers a 2% bonus to surrounding businesses and homes - and a Swimwear Shop. This business costs 30 City Cash, and earns 530 coins for every 100 Goods you supply it with. Meanwhile, the Taffy Shop costs coins, 14,000 coins to be exact. For this business, you'll need to supply it with 90 Goods to receive a return of 470 coins once all of those Goods have been sold.

Finally, the new home is the Coastal House, which breaks the bank at 400,000 coins. The home starts with 210 residents, and can be expanded to 420 over time. It pays out 600 coins in rent every 2.1 days.

Luckily, there isn't a time limited associated with any of these items, so you can take your time saving up the 400,000 coins necessary for the Coastal Home, as an example. Should Zynga release any more summer themed goodies we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of this newest set of summer-themed items in CityVille? Are you happy to finally have some nice coin options for items, or were you fine spending City Cash all along? Let us know in the comments.