FrontierVille Rodeo Badges: Complete Rodeo Challenges for free Horseshoes


Now that I have your attention, Zynga is hoping that the Rodeo draws your attention in FrontierVille as well, as they're offering some pretty great rewards for completing challenges in the new feature. Via a set of four new Rodeo Badges, you'll have a chance to walk away with 13 free Horseshoes, but of course, they won't come easy.

Each Rodeo Badge requires you to complete an increasing number of Rodeo Challenges. Here's the breakdown:

Rodeo Rookie - Complete 3 Rodeo Challenges - 100 XP, Carrot Treat
Rodeo Wrangler - Complete 50 Rodeo Challenges - Carrot Treat, 2 Horseshoes
Rodeo Pro - Complete 100 Rodeo Challenges - Carrot Treat, 4 Horseshoes
Rodeo Hero - Complete 200 Rodeo Challenges - Gold Buckle Sign, 7 Horseshoes

I told you - these Badges will likely take you quite a bit of time to unlock, but good things come to those who wait. Just make sure you're dedicated with the feature, and you'll eventually be able to lay claim to all of those Horseshoes yourself.

What do you think of these new Rodeo Badges? Is 200 Challenges simply too lofty a number to reach, or are you looking forward to the long-term challenge? Let us know in the comments.