FrontierVille Pioneer Trail: Choose your own adventure elements will customize your game


Another sneak preview of the Pioneer Trail has been revealed on the FrontierVillefan page, with this one actually showing us an element of gameplay. Apparently, there will be interactive events that pop-up as we travel, that will add a "choose your own adventure" element to the gameplay. For those unfamiliar with the phrase, basically, it means that an event will be presented to you, and you'll have a variety of options for how to respond. Presumably, these options will each alter a bit of your game, depending on which you choose.

For this example, we'll apparently come upon a tree on the plains with a pair of names carved into the branch of the tree, and we'll need to decide how to act. We can carve our own true love's name into the tree as well, climb up the tree for a better look at Beaver Valley, or ignore it entirely. The second option costs us one food item, but we can only assume that you'd gain something from this option as well - perhaps a larger part of the Trail Map will be revealed to you after you've come back down the tree?

Of course, the name of the game here is speculation, as we'll have to wait for the Pioneer Trail to officially launch to make any definitive conclusions about this feature. Still, it's interesting to see that we may be able to customize our games with such events, so we're looking even more forward to things now.

What do you think of these choose-your-own-adventure elements. Which option would you choose if presented with this example scenario? Sound off in the comments.

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