FarmVille: Birthday Mystery Boxes are back for one week


Zynga just couldn't let FarmVille's second birthday celebration end without offering you guys one more chance at their many Birthday Mystery Boxes, and the prizes that await inside. Sure, this could be a "boy who cried wolf" situation, as we were assured that these boxes would only be available for a single day, but hey - a second chance at exclusive items isn't really a bad thing, is it?

All told, there are seven Birthday Mystery Boxes available in the market, with these boxes offering you a wide array of animals and decorations. As each has a different design, but shares the same name, we'll give you a refresher on what's in each box. Looking at the image at the top of this post, you have the following:

24 Farm Cash Brown and Red Mystery Box - Contains a set of six Miniature Ponies
12 Farm Cash Cone Mystery Box - Contains Gnomes
16 Farm Cash Water Mystery Box - Contains water-themed Decorations
20 Farm Cash Brown and Purple Mystery Box - Contains Horses
20 Farm Cash Brown and Yellow Mystery Box - Contains Sheep
20 Farm Cash Teal Mystery Box - Contains Ducks
25 Farm Cash Brown and Blue Mystery Box - Contains Unicorns

As you can see, you've got a lot of expensive options to choose from, with there being a little bit of everything available, depending on your taste. Are you a horse collector? A sheep breeder? A gnome expert? Whatever the case, you've got a full week to decide which (if any) of these boxes you'd like to purchase, so step to it!

What do you think of Zynga re-releasing these Mystery Boxes? Are you happy for a second chance at these items, or do you think the longer they're available, the less value the items inside retain? Sound off in the comments.