FarmVille: "Best of" Birthday Classics items now available (again)

Remember how Zynga advertised their Birthday Classics items in FarmVille as being available for "one day only?" Well, it turns out they lied.. sort of. As tonight's update marks the beginning of the end for the second birthday celebration in the game, Zynga apparently wants to send the event out with a bang, bringing back a "best of" selection of items from the themes we've seen re-released daily over the past few weeks.

If you missed playing FarmVille for a day, or didn't have a chance to pick up one of the brand new items in these various themes, here's your second (last?) chance. As usual, we have a complete rundown of what's available, so get that wallet ready! Note: We've listed the theme the item comes from in front of each item name.


New England Black Locust Tree - 10 Farm Cash
New England Honey Locust Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Summer Balloon Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Summer Giant Balloon Tree - 10 Farm Cash
Wild West Ironwood Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Wild West Mimosa Silk Tree - 5 Farm Cash


Agricultural Alchemy White Pegasus - 35 Farm Cash
German Faverolles Chicken - 20 Farm Cash
German Hanoverian Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Switzerland Swiss Warmblood (Horse) - 26 Farm Cash


Fairy Tale Toadstool House - 15 Farm Cash


Agricultural Alchemy Magic Pot - 12 Farm Cash
Fairy Tale Magic Carpet - 12 Farm Cash

Unfortunately, these items all cost Farm Cash, but you've also been given a full week to purchase them this time around. That means that you've got seven days to run out and pick up a Zynga Game Card (or just purchase Farm Cash directly from the game) if you want any of them on your farm. Also remember that if you're a tree collector, half of these trees can be earned for free from Mystery Seedlings, so at least you can save some Farm Cash there (and hey, saving Farm Cash is definitely a good thing).

What do you think of these "Best of" items? Did you have a chance to purchase them all when they were part of the one-day-only setup, or will you finish stocking up on these decorations, animals and trees now instead? Let us know in the comments.
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