Unemployment in Washington Just Got a Burger Better

washington unemployment People filing for unemployment benefits in the state of Washington might want to wait until after after July 3, when a slated benefits increase will occur. The weekly minimum will go up a whopping $3 to $138. The maximum benefit will go up $13 to $583. On the low end, that's an extra burger a week. On the high end, you could go to a movie -- but you'll probably have to smuggle in your own soft drinks.

Even though the increase is small, it sure beats a decrease. Washington's unemployment woes haven't been as severe as some other states'. In fact, unemployment benefits are calculated as a percentage of the average annual wage in the state, and that went up about 2 percent last year to about $930 a week, which totals more than $48,000 a year.

The Seattle Times reports that the increase was not only caused only by pay raises for many, but also by the elimination of the lower-paying jobs in the state. It seems minimum wage jobs are getting scarcer in Washington.

Worker's compensation benefits for people injured on the job will also increase, and while it's good news for the workers, employers are not as excited about it. Business owners will have to contribute more for unemployment benefits, as those taxes will increase for them.

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