FarmVille Sneak Peek: Summer Bar Crops trigger the sweet tooth

Summer Bar CropSummer Bar Crop BushelSummer Bar Crop Market Stall
There comes a time when vegetables just don't cut it. FarmVille is past that time--way past it. And that couldn't be more clear with the next unreleased crop found in the game, the Summer Bar Crop. Of course, this crop is complete with Bushels and a Market Stall, but we've yet to see a Mastery sign for this tasty treat that inexplicably grows from the earth.

Summer Bar Crop plantedSummer Bar Crop buddingSummer Bar Crop growingSummer Bar Crop grown
The Summer Bar reminds us frantic races to the ice cream truck or trips to the corner store on a balmy July night. But enough with the rosy nostalgia: This looks just like the Dreyer's Fruit Bar Crops with a few leaves thrown in. Granted, this is far from the first time Zynga has "re-skinned" an old item in respect of a new one. (And nor is it the only studio that does.) It's unknown whether this crop is limited edition, standard, or whether it will require a license to grow. Regardless, Zynga sure has its way of triggering our sweet tooth.

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[Image Credit: FV Masters]

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