Confessions of a Sexy Housekeeper

job interview Did you ever wonder if those ads for a sexy housekeeper, perhaps dressed as a French maid, are for real? I can tell you that some of them are. My name is Nickie, and I was a sexy housekeeper.

I worked for my own company in Virginia Beach, Va., for private clients through my regular housekeeping service, but there are companies around the country that hire for such services. Working for a company is usually safer, but if you take precautions and you have spunk and good business sense, you can work on your own.

A sexy housekeeper is not the same thing as a call girl or prostitute. This job requires you to actually clean the house, although not very heavy housework, such as stripping floors or washing windows, and there is no sex involved. The only difference between a sexy housekeeper and a regular housekeeper is that the sexy housekeeper dresses in a sexy costume and often provides some light conversation and personality while working. I enjoyed the fantasy of the job. It's fun to dress up and act a part -- and it keeps work interesting.;

Setting Limits

There are pitfalls. I had more than one customer decide that he wanted more than housekeeping, even though he was told up front that there is no touching and no sexual service. I set those clients straight immediately and cut them from the customer list; but most were gentlemanly and respectful. Some were even a little shy, as if they still couldn't believe they had actually hired a sexy housekeeper. With a regular housecleaning service, the customer just wants the house cleaned, and often is not even home. But with sexy housecleaning, the customer usually wants some conversation, maybe even a little flirting.

Flirting must be done very carefully, or the customer could misunderstand. The conversation is a fun part of this job, for the most part. I learned a little about a lot of types of work, as many customers would talk about their jobs.

One of the difficult parts for me was learning to clean well while wearing high heels and stockings. Another tough part of the job was to get the hang of remembering to reach, bend and lean in sexy ways while actually doing the cleaning.

job interview had a couple of requests that were a bit surprising. Once or twice, a wife actually ordered the service as a gift for her husband. I guess they were exceptionally good husbands or something -- my husband would wait a lifetime before I'd order a mostly naked woman to clean for him.

Once, I was offered a position as private assistant -- a sexy assistant -- but not dressed quite as provocatively as when housecleaning. It seemed interesting, and the money was good, but I had my business to run, so had to decline.;

The Ins and Outs of Costumes

For the curious, we don't arrive in costume; we change into it at the customer's home or office. And we change back to street clothes before leaving, so it's very discreet. There is absolutely no sexual activity allowed, on anyone's part. It is strictly a visual service, and the conversation is clean. This business involves considerable risk for both the customer and the sexy housemaid, and I don't recommend it generally. To alleviate some of the risk, I always checked in with my assistant once I parked, and again in front of the customer, when I got into the home. Just before leaving, I checked in again, telling my assistant that everything was fine and I was leaving right away. Then, one last phone call when I was safely in my car and on my way.

The series of phone calls is security for both the housekeeper and the customer, and that is the reason for making the two calls in front of the customer. It let the customer know that someone knew where I was and how long the appointment would last, and it also let the customer know that I had called and clearly stated that everything was fine and I was leaving, so the customer didn't have to worry about false allegations being made against him, and also knew that someone was expecting me to call again soon. Usually, these customers are wealthy and do have serious concerns about false allegations and blackmail.

The most typical outfits are French-maid costumes or lingerie, and some companies are now offering topless, as well as fully nude, housekeepers. Most French-maid costumes leave a little to the imagination, and are suitable for other activities, like serving or cooking for a customer's dinner party. The lingerie outfits run the gamut, but generally are more risque and leave next to nothing to the imagination.

I'm older and wiser now – 55 years old – and I don't recommend it, since no precautions can fully protect you in all situations. The Internet opened up a world of knowledge but also gave many dark souls easy access to victims.

If you do want to be a sexy housekeeper, you need to be cool under pressure, able to handle any situation or unruly customer and, of course, you need the face and the body. You also need good conversation skills and organizational skills.

Some companies in larger cities hire out-of-the-norms: cross-dressers, transvestites, men and full-figured women -- even middle-aged women -- so "sexy" isn't always limited to cute young women.

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