Building the CityVille Ticket Booth: Everything you need to know

CityVille Ticket Booth
CityVille Ticket Booth

Funnel cake ... mmm--Oh, sorry. That's the first thing I think of when I hear the word "carnival." Luckily for you--but not my funnel cake problem--Zynga will soon launch the Summer Carnival in CityVille. But first, it's up to you to build the Ticket Booth to support this (hopefully) massive event. The Ticket Booth isn't too different from Community Building upgrades or functional buildings like the Police Station in that you'll need to help of friends to complete it. However, Zynga is keeping its use a secret for whatever reason.

Ticket Booth!
Ticket Booth!

Before we dive in, there is one thing you should know: You must be Level 15 or higher to access the Ticket Booth. To start the Ticket Booth, you will receive a new Goal titled simply "Ticket Booth!" This will allow you to place the Level 1 Ticket Booth in your City right from the Goal menu.

Building the foundation of the structure will, of course, cost Energy. Then, you must collect three Carnival Tickets from it, which is done like any other business or residence in the game. Players can collect from the Ticket Booth every 18 hours, which at Level 1 provides 250 Coins and one Carnival Ticket.

Finish your Ticket Booth
Finish your Ticket Booth

Ticket Booth Level 1:

  • Pretzel x3

  • Popcorn x3

  • Cotton Candy x3

  • Calloon Animal x3

  • Snowcone x3

All of these materials must either be requested from friends or purchased using City Cash. Once you begin collecting from the Level 1 Ticket Booth, you can instantly begin upgrading it to Level 2 just by clicking on it when it's not due for collection.

Ticket Booth Level 2:

  • Pretzel x7

  • Popcorn x7

  • Cotton Candy x7

  • Calloon Animal x7

  • Snowcone x7

The Level 2 Ticket Booth will provide players with 250 Coins and two Carnival Tickets every 18 hours. Again, click on the upgraded Ticket Booth to boost it a second time to Level 3.

Upgrade Carnival Ticket Booth
Upgrade Carnival Ticket Booth

Ticket Booth Level 3:

  • Pretzel x10

  • Popcorn x10

  • Cotton Candy x10

  • Calloon Animal x10

  • Snowcone x10

This Level 3 Ticket Booth still offers the same amount of Coins, but provides three Carnival Tickets every 18 hours. At the moment, you're only to hold 300 Carnival Tickets, which are displayed every time you mouse over the Ticket Booth. Unfortunately, we still don't know their purpose, but at least you'll be more than ready for when we find out. (I hope there's funnel cake.)
[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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