CityVille: Earn double XP from friend visits this weekend only


This weekend has turned into something pretty special for those looking to level up in CityVille as Zynga has announced that a Double XP event will take place, allowing users to earn double the amount of experience points per neighbor visit in the game. Sure, an extra XP point or two here or there doesn't really seem like a lot, but what if you visited every friend on your friends list? That's a pretty substantial bonus, saving you an entire day of neighbor visits (since you're earning double the points), in addition to saving you time.

While there's no exact time table for when this event will be turned on and off, we can only assume that it will end sometime around 9PM PST on Sunday evening, as most other events tend to do. Could this event be caused by a lack of neighbor visits in the game as a way to boost social play? It's an interesting thought, but whatever the reason, we definitely won't complain about a chance to earn more XP for the same amount of work. Thanks Zynga!

What do you think of this Double XP event? Will you visit more neighbors than you normally would just to rack up the bonus XP, or do you think the bonuses simply aren't worth the time it takes to earn them? Sound off in the comments.