Can You Really Change Careers Without Starting Over?


By Selena Dehne, JIST Publishing

Generally, the decision to change careers isn't made lightly. It's a process -- and for some a dilemma -- that stirs many questions, doubts and fears. You may worry that a career change will lower your earnings, require an expensive investment in education and training, or force you to start from scratch in an unfamiliar industry.

When faced with these concerns, it's no wonder why you may hesitate to make a change. But you should never feel "stuck" in an un-fulfilling job, because your career change options are greater than you probably realize.

According to Laurence Shatkin, Ph.D., one strategy that can open many doors is to reroute your career using what you already know. "You can make your next career the sequel to your previous career," he explains. "Do something different that uses the knowledge and skills you already have."