Travel Filmmakers Get Some Love At First Ever Nomading Film Festival

Courtesy NoFF

The first annual Nomading Film Festival, held in New York City over the weekend, showcased the work of amateur travel film-makers and made a convincing argument for the virtues of travel, and especially travel video.

The films had little in common aside from having been made in the spirit of NoFF's mantra: "Engage. Explore. Record." One showed the birth of an Elephant while another made a plea for togetherness based on the Ghanaian concept of "Kaboom."

The travelers who filled the auditorium at Hostelling International's Upper West Side mansion laughed and clapped (at appropriate moments) then picnicked in the building's backyard, swapping tales of foreign locales and trips gone both horribly wrong and wonderfully right, throwing bean bags and generally being merry.

The fledgling filmmakers got to rub elbows with prominent online travel influencers like Grant Martin of AOL Travel's Gadling and Kim Mance of Galavanting.

We will continue to follow some of these travelers online. Brock Groombridge, Ryan Van Duzer and Cailin O'Neil turned out be prolific bloggers as well as filmmakers.

"Euroblast," a flashy distillation of Donny Bajohr's travels on the continent, was named the festival's winner of "Film That's Most Likely To Make You Travel" by three judges: ocean explorer Jon Bowermaster, Lonely Planet U.S. Editor Robert Reid, and filmmaker Rachel Grady.

In honor of the nature of the travel film fest, the interview and festival footage was shot entirely with an HD Flip Cam. Behold the power of the now extinct Flip!

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